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What's a BIG overclock?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I've been playing around with overclocking and such and I'm wondering what's considered a big overclock when it comes core clock and memory clock?


Btw some optional questions a bit apart from the main question:


1º What % should the power limit be when you're overclocking?

2º Am I safe overclocking with the setup I have (it's in the sig)


EDIT: forgot to mention, I'm more focusing on GPU OC's

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max everything

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I have my 6700K at 4.8 GHz, but I could probably push to 4.9 GHz if I really wanted to.

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Depends on the chip, clockspeed, and its overclockability. Getting 4.2GHz on a G3258 vs. 4.2 on a 4670K is different.

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