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can i sli ?

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All you need is for both cards to have the same chip (980ti with 980ti)

VRAM amount can be different

I think that's good.

you sure? then again idk myself but i'm assuming NVidia are up their asses about that too (then again most of their cards have the same amount of VRAM anyway, apart from those 780Ti 6GB editions i guess


should work

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I think that only applies to AMD.

Does indeed apply only to AMD, can confirm.

There can be differences in clock speed, manufacturer and bios version though.

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your motherboard also needs to support SLI


Just FYI (check your mobo specs)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

As long as it's a 980ti + 980ti you're good. Vendor, cooler, bios, clock speeds doesn't matter. All 980ti's have 6GB so you won't run into problems.

thanks i was worried due to it has more cuda cores

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