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Feenix Collection Giveaway

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My favorite Feenix product is probably the Autore keyboard because of it's high quality design (gold back-plate, black-on-black key caps, removable cable, etc.). I also would love to experience a mechanical keyboard for the first time :D


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What is there not to like. The keyboard looks really nice and slick, Mouse pad is super nice and the mouse looks really comfy. Even though I really need an upgrade to my membrane krapboard, the headset looks like the more interesting product. I have never tried a headset made out of wood!!

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Looks gorgeous.

Cant say which is my favorite really as I have never used any Feenix products before.

But if I had to chose, it would be the mouse it looks sweet and very functional.


Hope I win one  :) .

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I would have to say the Autore is my favorite. Cherry MX keys, sleek look, and the keyboard in general is probably my favorite peripheral because of how much a subtle difference in quality can change the performance

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hey look at this! an entry for me! oh what's that? favorite out of the four and why? well then here! the Feenix Aria Headset because it looks so much nicer compared to mine, which are 10 dollar ones that somehow lasted more than a year. done!

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So, Strange as it may seem, The mouse pad is actually my favourite product from Feenix.


The material they use for their sleek, sophisticated and modern looking mouse pad makes it a must have for any computer rig, its also said that the material makes the mouse feel like it is floating on air which sounds so cool and I would really like to give it a go!


Thank you to the LMG for making videos that provide me endless hours of entertainment! :)


Kind regards and happy computing people!




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Id have to say the most appealing would be the headphones for me, the keyboard/mouse do look quite nice and should I win I would probably ditch my current peripherals for them anyways

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The Feenix Nascita Mouse looks amazing. It seems like it would make a great gaming mouse and for general use!

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I believe that all the products look incredibly amazing. I  don't have experience with any of the products first hand but if I had to pick one of them that stood out and called to me I would say the headset. The overall look and hardware in them seem to me like they would be good quality but hey lets be honest  I would like any of them. I just want to win some nice gear.

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