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Feenix Collection Giveaway

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OMG, it's pure eyegasm!

Everything is so uniquely carved. So much perfection seems to have gone into designing these things that I find it hard to select the best. Still, I would grade them in this order.

Feenix Autore keyboard

Feenix Dimora Mousepad

Feenix aria headset

Feenix Nascita Mouse

Loved the gold plated Autore cheery keyboard. That's indulgence to the best.

The Dimora mousepad is unlike anything I have seen before. It subtly tells you that it is a mousepad that is meant to be in the computer of an enthusiast or a person who is looking for aesthetics and functionality at the same time.

The Aria headset look luxurious and if they sound good as well then it can be in the league of the legendary Bose.

The last one is the Nascita mouse. I liked the curves and the premium looks that it have. But, these have huge competition and I am going to wait for reviews on performance before I would recommend them to others. Still, they look ergonomic without compromising on functionality.

From all the above my favorite is still the unique Feenix Autore keyboard. Wanted that kind of equipment for such a long time. But, didn't have the money to justify the purchase.

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My personal favorite is the mouse pad. It looks like the perfect replacement for my old one. Although if I do win, I'll probably keep everything and give my little brother the stuff I bought couple months as hand-me-down's. lol

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I like Autore because it's simple, but what's inside is amazing. Lots of keyboards look like they are about to turn into a Transformer, not this one, it's simple design really gets me hooked. I also am a fanboy for Cherry MX Browns, and the amount of quality and detail that is put into the keyboard.


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Actually in the market for some peripherals as I am working on a 5930k rampage v build at the moment. I have a feeling that those headphones may be a bit better than my current ones... headed over to the site now for specs. Good luck everyone and thanks Feenix!

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I love the aria headset and it's awesome Japanese pine!

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Dear Gaben and Linus 



All i want for Christmas this year is to win these sweet products, so i don't have to spend money on them myself


Love your channel linus, just because i get to watch you test the gear i can't afford haha




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I recently purchased a Ducky TKL, but I would still put those beautiful brown switches to use.

And although my trusty G700s is still going strong, a part of me yearns for something.. more.

But that headset, oh boy. The put my HyperX Clouds to shame. Not only are they drop dead gorgeous (that wood yo), they also have a detatchable cable. That's a solid a+ for me, as I use my cans for multiple things in one day. Plus, they aren't 'G4MER' headphones, so I have some confidence in their sound quality.

In any case, good on you guys for giving someone a chance to have some sweet ass peripherals, cheers for the chance.

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Those headsets look so freaking badass!

I have never seen headsets made with wood before, those will definitely turn some heads around on the street.

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I would love to own that keyboard since "2001: A Space odyssey" is one of my favorite movies and I love the stealthy look of it.
The use of pinewood for the headphones is something that you don't see very often and I would like to see how it affects the sound quality. It also looks like one of the best built headsets I've ever seen.

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Aria headset looks great, like the materials it's made of and ear pads look comfy.

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The Feenix Aria is just amazing looking! I first saw it about a year ago and since than i can't get it out of my mind. Sadly it's in the more expensive league of headsets and there for also out of my league :D

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Are you in the market for some badass new gaming peripherals? Then look no further friends! The awesome folks over at Feenix are providing an exclusive giveaway of their whole peripheral lineup to THREE lucky winners from the Linus Tech Tips audience!


In Feenix's own words, their products are "of very good quality, very comfortable, and look beautiful." Hopefully you will be one of the lucky winners who gets a chance to judge that for themselves!



Each of the three winners will receive:

1x Feenix Aria Headset

1x Feenix Autore Keyboard

1x Feenix Nascita Mouse

1x Feenix Dimora Mousepad


Alright, that's all well and good... now how do I WIN!?

Entry is very simple - just comment below letting us and Feenix know which of their products is your favorite and why! And if you're feeling appreciative, head on over to their Twitter, give them a follow, and say thanks for providing this awesome giveaway for the community!



The three winners will be selected at random on November 11, 2015.


One entry (comment) per user.

This is a worldwide giveaway with no age restrictions.

Each of the three winners will be contacted by me here on the forum. Disregard any messages, emails, Tweets etc. you receive from anyone other than this account here on the forum.

Good luck all!!

My favourite would have to be the Dimora mousepad. It looks so well made and my 10cm x 10cm mousepad just can't compare with it. :P

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