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Feenix Collection Giveaway

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When I first found Feenix, it made me a little sad. Seeing these beautifully crafted ornaments put a lil' tear right in my eye. Why oh why did it put a tear in my eye? Well let me soothe your soul with a tale, my friend. 


I spent many a months without knowing of such beautiful objects of desire. I've spent my life cold, dark, and grey, simply because I didn't know what lay beyond this hill of my m50x and g502's. I thought my grass was greenest. BUT NOW. Now I have SEEN!! Now I know of these wonders called Feenix. Now I know of the land of both precision AND beauty. Where compromise is but a mystical creature shunned to the deepest depths of the black abyss. 

But oh! What's this? Aria you say? Why hello there Aria. I see you over there in the corner, giving me that sweet welcoming twinkle of a gaze. I can only imagine what gentle whispers slumber on your tongue. I can only imagine your call like the sweetest of cream. A sweet cream that calls to me. Your poem in my ear like a sailor who's come home to his longing wife after being out at sea for 3 years. I long for you Aria. Come home to me, please. Come. Come be with me and tell me all beautiful secrets of this world.


See you soon Aria.




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First, I really think these giveaways are a great way to get a closer look on new products and I think Feenix has done a fantastic job with their new line of product.


As for which would be the most interesting one, I think the original wood choice for the headphones makes them a great mistery and I would love to try them (:


Thanks linus for the giveaway :D

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