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Feenix Collection Giveaway

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The Nascita is one sweet mouse. Love the design and feel of this mouse. More importantly to me is the metal weighted scroll wheel offering more control. Most gaming mice have fairly crappy scroll wheels. This is a truely high end gaming mouse and well prices for what it offers. Would really love to have one and review on my growing Youtube channel.

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Hello, I would enjoy having that headset as mine is starting to wear and is not the best in the first place. That headset looks like it is of great quality with a nice wood-type cover, along with nice cushions for around your ear. Thank you for reading!

Just a simple man who enjoys gaming. 

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Wow! Have to say, been looking for a mech keyboard for a while now, and somehow I've never unfortunately never heard of Feenix I reàlly like the look of that keyboard!

I'll probably buy it no what happens tomorrow. :)

Good luck guys!

W1 | X4 965 | 4x2GB | HD7950 | 550w | 240GBx2

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