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Intel Die'Namic Giveaway

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Yes I did upload the picture of my receipt. 

Then... wait :)

AMD Athlon X4 750k; Gigabyte F2A88XM-DS2; 8Gb Corsair XMS 1600 Mhz; AMD Hd5670 1Gb DDR3; Bequiet E6-600W; W7 Ultimate x64

#KILLEDMYWIFE                                                                                                                                                                                                                         so miner; very doge; much value   

Dell Vostro 5470: i5 4200U Nvidia GT740m 2Gb 14" 1366x768 Kingston V300 120Gb                                                                                              

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Darn I bought my cpu in December. Too bad I cam not able to enter!

Desk: monitors 3x Asus VE248h(eyefinity), Keyboard Cm Strom Trigger(mx red), Mouse Corsair m65, Headset Audio Technica ATH-M50

Black Friday 2013 Build: i7 4770k, Gigabyte Z87X UD5H, 16gb Corsair, Msi R9 290, Corsair Axi 760, Corsair 750D, 2x intel 530 240gb ssd, 2x Seagate 400gb

Older Machine amd x640, msi 760g mobo, 8gb gskillz, Sapphire 6870, Corsair hx650, Cooler master haf 922, ocz agility 3 120gb ssd || HTPC: i7 3770k, shuttle xpc z77, 16gb gskillz, Asus GTX 650 ti, intel 120gb msata ssd

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NORTH FU**ING america, thanks for sticking the finger up to the rest of world once again intel.

Just like sony -.-

Cpu: Intel core i5 4570 gpu: gtx 770 case: cm storm enforcer psu: xfx pro 550w motherboard: asus b85m-g ssd: samsung 120gb hdd: wd caviar blue 1tb ram: kingston hyperx blu 8gb 1600mhz mouse: razer deathadder monitor: some decent samsung 19" keyboard: CM Storm TK Blue

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Just like sony -.-

i blame slick, lets fire him AND DAMN YOU EA

cpu: intel i5 4670k @ 4.5ghz Ram: G skill ares 2x4gb 2166mhz cl10 Gpu: GTX 680 liquid cooled cpu cooler: Raijintek ereboss Mobo: gigabyte z87x ud5h psu: cm gx650 bronze Case: Zalman Z9 plus

Listen if you care.

Cpu: intel i7 4770k @ 4.2ghz Ram: G skill  ripjaws 2x4gb Gpu: nvidia gtx 970 cpu cooler: akasa venom voodoo Mobo: G1.Sniper Z6 Psu: XFX proseries 650w Case: Zalman H1

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a lot of people always skip the free entry method: here is how

  1. WITHOUT PURCHASE: Send a self-addressed, stamped business-size envelope to: "Intel Die'namic Ticket" Request, 693 East Ave, Ste 302, Rochester, NY 14607 (VT and Canadian residents may omit return postage). Mail-in request for a unique code must be postmarked by September 16, 2013 and received by September 23, 2013. Limit of one (1) request per envelope. Sponsor and / or Promotion Administrator are not responsible for lost, late, incomplete, incorrect, damaged, misdirected, illegible, or postage due requests. Upon receipt of the unique code, follow the instructions in the "To Enter" section of these Official Rules to enter the unique code.

Limit of one (1) entry per person for the Promotion. Any attempt by any Entrant to obtain more than the allowed number of unique codes will void that Entrant's entry and that Entrant may be disqualified from the Promotion. No reproductions will be accepted.

My Setup:

CPU: I7-3930k @ 4.5GHz | Cooling: Corsair H100 in PP /w NF-F12 | MOBO: Asus P9X79 WS LGA 2011 | RAM  32 GB Mushkin Redline @  2133  | GPU:  (2) Sapphire 7970 GHz 6G edition | Case:  NZXT Switch 810 | Storage: Raid 0: Mushkin ssd total 480 GB | PSU: XFX ProSeries 1250W

Displays: (3) Acer GD235HZbid (120 hz) with a Ergotech Triple Monitor ArmStand /w telescoping wings | Keyboard: Xarmor black backlight mechanical with cherry blues | Mouse: Roccat Kone XTD  | Sound: Logitech 5.1 Z-5500 and Astro A-40's

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i hate it that the europeen users can't enter one of you're giveaway. nja better live in the U.S or Canada :)

Summer Glau: Quote's The future is worth fighting for. Serenity

My linux setup: CPU: I7 2600K @4.5Ghz, MM: Corsair 16GB vengeance @1600Mhz, GPU: 2 Way Radeon his iceq x2 7970, MB: Asus sabertooth Z77, PSU: Corsair 750 plus Gold modular

My gaming setup: CPU: I7 3770K @4.7Ghz, MM: Corsair 32GB vengeance @1600Mhz, GPU: 2 Way Gigabyte RX580 8GB, MB: Asus sabertooth Z77, PSU: Corsair 860i Platinum modular

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I too was thinking of posting that but thought it was more fun to see people get mad because they didn't read the TOC or read the post Linus made that said 

'no purchase necessary'.

                                                                                              Sager NP9370EM - I7 3630QM - 680m 1045Mhz - 8gb 1600mhz ram - 240gb msata 750gb hdd

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Sorry bud, but lets be honest, you have like a .005% chance at winning in competitions like these anyways. I understand why you're upset though, must suck to be excluded from something just because companies don't want to pay for the shipping  :unsure:


Intel ships to entire world anyway. If this was some small retailer or private person I'd understant but when global company helds giveaways for two countries that I don't.


Laws for arranging promotions and lottery might vary but thats why they have army of lawers, right? But yeah, our lottery law is bit annoying. You can't start kickstarter because its prohibited.

^^^^ That's my post ^^^^
<-- This is me --- That's your scrollbar -->
vvvv Who's there? vvvv

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You have to buy an Intel capable product and they give you a code at checkout. Then you check it to see if you won something.

Could you elaborate as to what qualifes as an Intel capable product?  Could I buy a gaming mouse from Amazon and use it to enter?

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US/Canada only :(

Corsair 600T | Intel i7-4770K @ 4.4 GHz (1.19v) Corsair H100i | Nvidia GeForce GTX 780  | Asus Sabertooth Z87 | Samsung BluRay Reader/Writer

16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600MHz | Corsair HX1050 | Crucial M4 128GB | 2x Samsung 1TB RAID 0 | Asus PA246Q

http://imgur.com/n7fw9z6  Apple Macbook Pro Retina  15inch 2.4Ghz 

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4.2 Advertising

Any sort of advertisement on Linus Tech Tips that has little or no relation to Linus Media Group, or is not affiliated with Linus Media Group in any way will be considered spam and removed from the boards. This also pertains to signatures and/or profile information.


In addition to advertising, you may not sell any item via the forums or advertise links to third party sites (EBay, Kijiji, etc.) where you have sales posted.

This seems to be advertising :)

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Have my 4670k running here... bought in german onlinestore - no entrance :C

                                                                                      wow... pretty empty here...

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