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Scratch Build RINZLER by FAT

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Damn, never seen a more beautiful PC in my life [emoji4] (while I have an default case that my PC came with... [emoji17])

P. S. Tron: Legacy is my most favourite movie of all times [emoji4]

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Thanks! Yes I was very thrilled with the final result of the LED showing on the edges of the acrylic!

I agree with you, this is a pure showcase and it is....all about the looks ;) !

If it would be used, it would likely be at a booth on display with loud music playing so no one will hear the pump haha!

I already have my own PC so I still have to decide what to do with this one, maybe I will use it in my new office ;) !


Active noise canceling / suppression headphones are allways an option. As the pump noise is repetitive and therefor easy to predict, the cancelation circuit can do a grat job.

For the fan noise they are not so good since it's a white noise. But closed headphones also have a good passive dampening.

Mineral oil and 40 kg aluminium heat sinks are a perfect combination: 73 cores and a Titan X, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Oil

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Beautiful machine. That's all there is to say. Great job.

I cannot be held responsible for any bad advice given.

I've no idea why the world is afraid of 3D-printed guns when clearly 3D-printed crossbows would be more practical for now.

My rig: The StealthRay. Plans for a newer, better version of its mufflers are already being made.

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The term thinking outside of the box is so propper here.  Amazing !!! Can't wate to see more masterpieces.

Gonna cuffem and stuffem. QUE QUE QUE. I love it I love it. :P


i7 4790K, Asus Z97 Sabertooth S, Crutial M.2 120gig, 32 Gig Corsair Dominators, Corsair h100i, Seagate ST750XL, 2 X MSI R9 290X Lightning's, Corsair air 540 

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