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people with a asus mx279h monitor

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Posted · Original PosterOP

OK so i got a mx279h a few days ago and on the setting with the best colours i have noticed that in-game or on TV shows that things are overly dark and things that are light get too light like call of duty when you go inside a building things are just to dark and things that are light are to light  like whight writing blends in with the sky and i have tried changing the settings and when i get the light and dark areas how that should be the colours look washed out i have also tried changing the game brightness but colors are still not right is this a faulty monitor or is this just how the monitor is also i was playing the game on xbox 360 i also tried different games aswell


im not good at explaining things in writing so if you dont understand properly i will try to explain differently

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Seems like its a problem with your contrast.

I've got the mx279h as well, I can tell you what settings I'm using - don't know if it'll help.


Monitor settings:

Brightness 54%

Contrast 80%

Saturation 50%



nVidia settings:

Brightness 58%

Contrast 43%

Hue 180 degrees

Saturation 54%


Other settings are on default

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Try the sRGB preset. Some things may be too dark so turn up the brightness but I don't have an issues with things being washed out

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Posted · Original PosterOP

my settings is 


monitor settings

brightness 80

contrast 80 

saturation 50

sharpness 40


even though things are dark blacks look like they give off light i also went to this website http://www.lagom.nl/lcd-test/ and set my settings to how it should look and colours still did not look good dose this seen like it might be a fault with the monitor 

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