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Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ Giveaway

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Smartswitch looks pretty cool. If I end up winning I am definitely cyanogen modding this one. Can't stand touchwiz.

RIG:FX-6300@4.5GHz 1.4V with Hyper 212 evo with LTT NF-F12:MSI Overclockers R7 260X:4x4B Crucial Ballistix Sport:GA-970A-UD3P:1TB Seagate Brracuda & 120GB Crucial M500(OS and Programs)&Sandisk SSD PLUS(Games) In a Bitfenix Comrade with an NF-F12 as exhaust and OEM case fan as front intake

''time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time''

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I like slowmotion most, :D and i like S devices rezistance, i have S3 in care for 3 years and display is still like new.. (but inside.. 1gb ram cant handle it anymore :D)

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HDR selfies for all that high quality selfies

Come and join the awesome Official LTT Star Citizen Org at LTT Conglomerat,  GTA 5 LTT Crew at LTT Conglomarate

PC Specs - 4770k - OC 4.5GHz  - GTX 780 SC - 16GB HyperX - NZXT H440 White - Corsair H100i - Corsair AX750 - Samsung Evo 250GB - 2 x PA238Q - ATH-M50 - 

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