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This Is The Saddist Shit I Ever Read

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Well, they are oreos...! You can't just have one. :(


i know if i have any chocolate  will hound it

1 cookie = bag empty in an hour



if i did drugs id be dead within a day


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This study is flawed as it only compares oreos to rice cakes, who the fuck wants a rice cake over an oreo


I love rice cakes just because they're so awful. There's something odly satisfying about it. Oreos make me feel sick though.

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Newspapers should not be allowed to report on science. They just aren't capable of understanding context and without overstating everything.


My favourite part is usually when they say something "has the same effects as heroine or cocaine"....Which is just a really stupid way of saying that it produces dopamine in your brain, which almost everything does. Sex, working out, eating something you like, getting a compliment, etc etc etc etc.


Ofcourse oreos aren't as addictive as cocaine. 



"REAL CHOCOLATE" just the fact that they have to point that out is hilarious.

Thats a little like the "100% beef" thing....

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I call BS. I eat oreos every now and then but I have no urge to eat them constantly. Usually I only eat just one per sitting but sometimes Ill eat 3-4 with some milk.


Same here.

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Forgot how bad news  was before Rush Limbaugh and Fox News.


Sure glad tech is not addictive, only cookies and crack.

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I don't like Oreos. Specifically the filling.

Nabisco makes regular and Double Stuff. I've always wondered why they don't make just "Stuff." I'd eat those.

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