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ViewSonic VP2365-LED vs Dell U2312HM

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I'm in the market for an IPS monitor (in all it's variations) and it seems to have come down to these two. I'm equally sold on both of them and I'm looking to have the scales tipped.

A couple of things things to note...

- This is for gaming and videos equally. I find myself primarily wanting to avoid motion blur, back-light bleed and uneven blacks (basically anything that breaks immersion), rather than looking for the presence of anything. I saw someone here saying the anti-glare coating isn't noticeable on the Dell and I'm looking for verification on that. I'm also looking for reasons why one is better than the other, so please don't just state names.

- I'm also open to other suggestions, though £185 is my limit absolute (shopping search at google.co.uk). Anything higher is disqualified. I'm looking for 23"/24". Nothing smaller (I don't want smaller), nothing bigger (I don't have space). Height adjust is appreciated, but tilt/swivel is a non-issue.

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So the general rule of thumb, if you will, is the more you pay, the less back light bleeding you have, and the better the colors. Just something to keep in mind.

Consumer grade IPS panel, and even entry level IPS panels have back light bleeding to some extent. While IPS panels have a much lower back light bleeding than TN panel, where many considers of being none or nearly none. A fault of IPS panels is that you have back light bleed on the 4 corners of the panel. To rectify the problem, the panel grid can be polarized during manufacture process, but this process is currently very costly, hence it's why its reserved on high end professional grade monitors. The good news, is that unlike TN panel back light bleeding, is that you don't see it unless on put a full black screen. It's not visible on wide screen movies. Blacks will be black.

The 2 monitors that you are looking are what are considered entry level IPS panels, as they use an eIPS panel (6-bit panel). The monitor itself can be categories as medium range monitors-high on the consumer market due to the build quality, warranty service, fully adjustable stand, high grade back light (in this case white LEDs). I can't find in depth reviews of the ViewSonic VP2365-LED but specs wise it looks very much the same as the Dell U2312HM.

However, the Dell one does have a better warranty, where shipping is paid by Dell both directions, and you get to keep your monitor while you wait for a replacement (a pre-paid shipping label is included with the replacement monitor box so that all you have to do, is switch the monitors, and stick the included pre-paid shipping label over teh old one and call the carrier to pick it up). Also, the Dell U2312HM has DisplayPort, which is a nice addition for the day you get a graphic card with no DVI, or more likely, plug in a laptop to the monitor. More and more laptops uses DisplayPorts. It's already widely used on business class systems (consumer seeking high build quality and good warranty service), and slowly entering the consumer market, as it can be converted down to HDMI with a simple cheap adapter, so ready to be plugged on a TV.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Yeah, I'm aware I've set my sights quite low in the grand scheme of things, but originally they were even lower, looking at things like the AOC i2353 and LG IPS234V. My budget's pretty tight and this is pretty much as high as I can go.

Anyhow, your post made me realize my mind had made itself up without letting me know, so thank you for that.

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