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Assetto Corsa or Project Cars

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Its a tough choice. I own both, Pcars looks better, but asseto feels more realistic and also has good modding community. If you play with a wheel and want more realism I say go for Asseto.  You cant go wrong with either

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Project Cars, since the car and track variety is slightly better than AC, though not as accurate because of the lack of laser scanning. On the one hand, PC has free community cars every now and then but on the other hand, the sum of all the DLC for each game amounts to ~25% of the full game price (5+1 packs for PC, 1 for AC).


As for modding, AC's community is very mature right now with several big name studios releasing highly detailed cars, such as the Formula Renault cars. PCars is only just starting, with only really one car in the works atm (both games have provisions for custom liveries).

Active Threads: Box Box Box - Project CARS & Assetto Corsa Players Club  | The Garage - Car Enthusiast Club

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For me, Assetto Corsa feels a hell of a lot better the Pcars.

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Pcars is more like Grand Turismo or Forza games. Almost simulators but not quite. AC is full on simulator.


Pcars is prettier and it has a better singelplayer component. AC is very good fun for hot lapping.


AC has a good modding support and lots of mods.


I've not gotten Pcars because of their Physx shenanigans. And that I have an AMD card. I don't know if they have changed the code but I don't care. They have lost my business.


And the next sim game that I'm looking is DIRT Rally anyway.

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Assetto corsa is a hotlap simulator and project cars has strange handling.

Take your pick.

I own both.

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