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IPS vs AMVA+ panels

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I'm assuming that AMVA+ is a VA panel, but I may be wrong. If it is VA then it will have good blacks, but IPS will have better colors; they are pretty similar panels. At 27in 1920x1080p starts to look a bit too pixely for most and I would either get a smaller size screen or go for 1440p. Do you have a budget limit so I could give you some recommendations since I cannot get to the pages atm.

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@GoodBytes is the guy you wanna talk to

Just go "here" and read the differences between the 2 and you'll be able to decide which features are more important to you :)

I want to explain it to you, sum it up myself, and give you my recommendation but I'm stripped for time, and internet speed (using Tor) But this does a good job already :)

Gaming, and all round use but you want nice colors and viewing angles: MVA (way better than TN but slightly worse than IPS)

Just gaming, only thing that's important is how well you game runs: TN (very fast pixel response times)

Web browsing and graphics work: IPS/PLS (the most accurate colors)

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