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Windows 10 does not remember last window position

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I am not sure this is a issue or feature for Windows 10 or even Windows 8, because I upgraded from Windows 7. Lets say you open "This Pc'(My computer in Win7) without maximising then close it and open again, in Windows 7 the window should appear at the same position where it previously closed but in Windows 10 the next opening position seems to jump around at random. This seems only to happen for 2 Windows programs I found out so far: Windows Explorer and Microsoft Edge. Is this a bug? or there is settings Idk how I messed with but I am sure is not as straight forward as like MPC HC which it clearly has a check box for remembering last window position.


Any one encounters this issue too?

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It is a bug from the update because when i had Win10 installed it remembered window positions and size. I never used Windows Explorer but i did use EDGE and it worked for that too.


Try a clean install but remember to get your Win10 key first.

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