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amd R9 280x2 eyefinity 9?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

i was thinking of creating a setup of 9 (22" monitors @ 1920x1080 res.) in eyefinity mode, using mst hubs with the mini displayports on 2x R9 280's
ive tried searching online if this is possible but no-one has asked this directly or they are very vague answers.


would eyefinity work with 9 monitors with approximate resolution of 5760x3240?

the web says max of 6 monitors but mentions a max resolution of 8192 x 8192?


can you run eyefinity using more than 1 gpu (with crossfire or not)?

the web says you can use 2 gpu's whilst not using crossfire/eyefinity and use ports on both gpus for your monitors?


do all monitors have to be connected to 1 gpu for gaming?

the web says you could run many monitors but only those connected to gpu1 would be used when gaming in eyefinity?


i know this is a pretty crazy idea and would be very expensive. i am just curious if it is possible and any implications of doing this.

if all of this is wrong does anyone know of a way to setup 9 monitorsand get the effect of an eyefinity setup?


thank you for any advice you give.



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