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Should I hang my monitor mount?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey guys!


I was contemplating on purchasing a cheap Tyke monitor mount for roughly $40, but found out that it's not compatible with my desk at university. There's just no room for clamping it to the surface of the desk, and I'm not allowed to drill into it.


Would it be safe to clamp it upside down onto the shelf above instead? I hope the weight of two 23" Asus monitors won't be too much for it.


Link to mount: 



Links to pictures of desk:




My apologies for the awful pictures. I'm currently on break, so I just pulled up random pictures of the desk from over the years. 

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I would just abandon the monitor stand idea for a dorm.  It's just one more awkward shaped piece of furniture you'll have to move out with.


If you buy a 4x4 piece of wood, you can cut it to whatever height you need.  Put 4 posts under each monitor stand and you'll have something that's custom height and very strong.

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