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Getting to know the LTT team a little better

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Posted · Original PosterOP

If this isn't the right place to discuss this then I'll remove the post, but I had a thought the other day while watching a video where Linus referenced one of his staff...


I am horrible with names and faces, so I was thinking it would be cool if Linus and the crew did a short "bio" video or something. I'm not referencing a "Draw my life" video, just a video where they chat about who they are, what they like, and really anything that they are comfortable with, as well as what the do in Linus media group, etc. 


I think one 'bio' video a week, until they cover everything, would be cool. I know it isn't strictly tech related, but that way when Linus references someone doing something I have a better idea of who he is talking about. Hell, maybe even take a half hour segment of the wan show just to do the same think, I don't know, I am sure LMG could come up with a more refined way of doing it. I enjoy seeing the personality that comes through in channel super fun videos, and I'd like to get a bit more of that personality.


Again, I don't know if this is the right place to discuss this, or if the idea has been brought up and shot down before, but I figure I might as well mention it.  

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Well they do have the 'Our Team' page on their LMG site: http://www.linusmediagroup.com/history/

It gives a short 'bio' into each member, although maybe not as detailed as what you would want if they were to do a video on it. 

Maybe that will still help you a bit though?

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