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Need desk recommendation

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Right I have moved some furniture around in my room and now have a lot of space which I plan to to fill with a bigger desk as current one is too small for my use especially when I want to add in a second monitor or write notes etc. The current desk I have is the ikea micke. I have been checking online, there are two desks I am kind of stuck between for choices, the longer ikea micke version or the galant desk. If any of you fellow users know of any better ones specifically in the UK then please do link. I am looking in the price range of up to £70 max.

This is the current desk I have:


These are the two that I am stuck between:



Here is the space, so you have a rough idea of how much I can take up of the room.



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I would choose the MICKE over the Galant. 


Would you even have enough space to fit the Galant? It adds another 30cm of depth to what you already have right now, which makes me wonder if you can even fit your chair in between your bed and your desk.


PcDonger's suggestion also looks really nice, since you have so much room to your right.

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