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I think my cpu is broken?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Well everything has been fine. I've been using the computer and playing games but just now @ 6:30 a.m while browsing for wallpapers it bluescreened. 

Bluescreenview didn't collect any information but I'll post the event viewer as there were A LOT of event warnings.


Event Viewer: https://mega.co.nz/#!k99BzLKA!V-CZaC0qoakxiDrF2RM-wyp_MIQnT4wD7TMD4iJniA0

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I'm all out of ideas at this point :(


It always seems to be pointing towards either the RAM or CPU, Networking, Software, just basically everything.


Have you tried testing the RAM one stick at a time, a couple of passes on each stick should be enough to determine anything.


If that comes up with nothing could you take screenshots of your BIOS? Should just be able to plug in a USB drive and hit the F12 button or the screenshot button in the corner.

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