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Red Dragon

League Of Legends Twisted Treeline CONSPIRACY

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey guys I've been playing league and i wanted to try all the game modes. So when i got to twisted treeline i stomped everyone so i played more games. Ive been noticing that they are all super bad. LIKE REALLY BAD. They don't attack anything but the towers witch they solo with no minions and die a lot. They never get the alters or talk. They instantly leave the game after its over. So i was wondering is the twisted treeline full of super noobs OR is it full of bots people use to level up accounts to 30 and SELL THEM FOR MONEY! Anyway i was just wondering if any of you have played it and noticed the same thing or if you just thing the people who play twisted treeline are just really badpost-165220-0-40698900-1438295308.jpgpost-165220-0-32109600-1438295312.jpg...

~ Maybe the cup is just too big ~

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That is the fastest way to level your account, so yes, it is bots.

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