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3D Xpoint Memory 1000 times fster than nand

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So Intel and Micron have been busy and have come up with a new type of memory that is 1000 times faster than nand!  So why is it so much fater? Well conventual nand needs a transistor in the chip and 3D Xpoint doesn't!


This creates a "floating gate" seen below. 





The new type of memory will hopefully replace all types of nand and ream chips.  The reason for this is because if the chip looses power it doesn't froget what was in it's memory!  The only down side is that in some application it is slower then the RAM that we have today.  This is the next leap after SSDs and servers will be impleneting this hopefully soon.



Article: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-33675734

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