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Can This PC Setup Support 2-Way SLI?

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Yes but upgrade your PSU first

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Single Stronger card is better

get the 980ti.




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get 700-800 Watts a good one like XFX or EVGA and you should be fine for SLI, always better to get strong PSU. 

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The 980Ti is not stronger than 2x 970's

i didn't say it was




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So i previously posted a thread about whether or not my new PC build can support 2-way SLI. But that thread seemed to have turned into an argument so ill re-post it.



If there are any improvements feel free to comment. Nothing that will bring it out of my price range of £900-£1100.

Like others said. Get a better PSU. I went with EVGA Supernova p2.

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maybe also consider getting a better rated psu, i always like having gold rated because power savings brah xD

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980Ti will perform more reliably. The performance is about the same compared to 970 SLI, but you don't get the SLI issues.

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That's not what he meant. It means that a more powerful, single card is better than two weaker cards (in most cases). No issues with SLI scaling and such. 

Ahhh :P

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SLI in that budget? I wouldn't do it. I'd probably go for a higher power, single, more expensive card for similar performance and less heat output.

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