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Acer Predator X34 Gsync monitor

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I myself thought more about it and couldn't justify the added cost over the Dell U3415W for $649. I got the Dell and I am extremely happy with it.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

the x34 is listed for 1800$ on ncix. I personally find it overpriced considering that the non g sync version is 500$ less. Opinions? 

21:9 is overpriced imo at the moment it has sketchy support for a lot of programs and games. A lot of games at the moment require widescreen hacks and even then they still dont display the cut scenes correctly. like they should either be 21:9 if the scene was made at that aspect ratio or should be displayed as 16:9 with bars on the side but a lot of people are getting a tiny 16:9 cutscene in the centre of the display with black bars top and sides. It is an early adopter aspect ratio and I personally have decided not to waste money on it till support improves $1800 is just taking the biscuit for an extra 40hz and G-sync it really shouldnt cost more than $200-$300 more than non G-sync versions.

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It is available in VERY limited quantities in Canada on the Acer site. I ordered mine and should be here by Wednesday!

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