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Occipital Structure Sensor

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amnerd  B) Linux enthusiast. 


  • CPU: Intel i5 4690k @3.5ghz  Motherboard: MSI U3 Plus Z97 GPU: Radeon R9 270x 2gb OC HDD: WD Green 3tb SDDs: Samsung 120gb, Kingston V300 120gb Case: Fractal Design Define R5 PSU: Corsair V650 Fans: Corsair AF14 x4 CPU cooler: Hyper 212 EVO (Upgrading soon)     
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This will bring in a new type of copyright cases.  xD  

VashTheStampede 4.0:

CPU: AMD Threadripper 1950x | CPU Cooling: EKWB S280 with the EK Supremacy sTR4 RGB Nickel Water Block and Blood Red Premix | Compound: Thermal Grizzly Hydronaut | Mobo: Asrock X399 Taichi | Ram: G.Skill Ripjaws V 32GBs (2x16) DDR4-3200 | Storage: Crucial BX200 240GB SSD/PNY CS900 240GB SSD/Seagate Constellation ES.3 1TB 7200RPM/Toshiba X300 5TB 7200RPM | GPU: Zotac Geforce GTX 1080 8GB AMP! Edition | Case: Fractal Define R5 Blackout Edition w/Window | PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA G2 750W 80+ Gold | Optical Drive: LG WH14NS40 | Operating System: Windows 10 Pro | Software: Office Home and Student 2013 | Keyboard: Corsair Vengeance K70 with Cherry MX Reds | Mouse: Corsair M65 Pro RGB FPS | Headphones/Headsets:  Kingston Hyperx Cloud II/iBasso IT01 Dynamic Driver Audiophile MMCX Detachable IEMs/Skullcandy Ink'd Earbuds(not so great) | Mic: Audio-Technica ATR2500 | Speakers: JBL 305P MkII Studio Monitors | Other:  Vipmaz Extended Xxxl Mousepad and Magnetic Cablemod Red LED Strips


Getting a Surface Pro 3 or 4 for basic use in Dec and a clevo for gaming use next summer.

Current Phone:

Pegasus/Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930U[Replacing next year with the new Pixel]

Gaming Stuffs:

Sony-PS3, PS4 Pro Starwars Limited Edition, Vita OLED Wifi, and a PSTV.

MS-Xbox Original, Xbox 360, and an XBO S.

Nintendo-NES, YOBO NES, SNES Mini, N64.



Randoms-Rare Space Invaders Keychain+1970s Pachinko.

Mini PC:

Gir/RPi 3 Model B



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i posted "first #forummasterrace" :D im first... yes....

Dutch Talk Thread

Unofficial LMG Social Media Accounts Website

Desktop Rig:

CPU: i7-4790K Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO Motherboard: MSI Z97 U3+ RAM: Crucial ballistix sport 2x4Gb GPU: MSI GTX 960 2G Case: Corsair 230T Windowed Orange SSD: Crucial BX100 250 Gb PSU: Cooler Master G450M HDD: WD 1 TB Generic

Laptop: Macbook Air 2012 11" baseline (i5-3317U @ 1.7 Ghz) upgraded with a Samsung 850 evo 250 GB SSD

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That's awesome, but the price is outta this world.

Would you take jello as a trade?



LTT's Fastest single core CineBench 11.5/15 score on air with i7-4790K on air

Main Rig

CPU: i7-4770K, Cooler: Noctua NH-U14S, Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth Mark 2, RAM: 16 GB G.Skill Sniper Series @ 1866MHz, GPU: EVGA 980Ti Classified @ 1507/1977MHz , Storage: 120GB 840 EVO, Crucial MX500 500GB, WD Cavier Black/Blue 1TB+1TB, 2TB WD External/4TB WD external, Power Supply: Corsair HX 750W, Case: Fractal Design r4 Black Pearl w/ Window, OS: Windows 10 Home 64bit


Plex Server WIP

CPU: i5-3570K, Cooler: Stock, Motherboard: ASrock, Ram: 16GB, GPU: Intel igpu, Storage: 120GB Kingston SSD, 6TB WD Red, Powersupply: Corsair TX 750W, Case: Corsair Carbide Spec-01 OS: Either Windows 10 or Server 12


Lenovo Legion Laptop

CPU: i7-7700HQ, RAM: 8GB, GPU: 1050Ti, Storage: 500GB Crucial MX500, OS: Windows 10



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I'm not thinking of scanning things to print with this but scanning models into 3d models and using them in games. Imagine how sick it would be if you could also rig the joints by waving them around. This is a game changer! :P

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But how this works? I mean... can I scan a object (like a monitor, a cell phone) and use it in blender? Or in a game engine?

It gets good enough to these kind of thing?

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But how this works? I mean... can I scan a object (like a monitor, a cell phone) and use it in blender? Or in a game engine?

It gets good enough to these kind of thing?

That's what i was wondering but it looks like you might be able to. 

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