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System Maintenance Software: Feedback / Advice Wanted

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Tried to come up with a humourous intro for such a dry subject . . . um, nada's coming to mind.


Give a shout out - short if it's software suite, or, long if it's a series of multiple steps - as to how the highly experience and knowledgeable keep their systems running as smooth and efficent as possible, software wise.


Had Iolo System Mechanic Professional running for years on an old school Gateway and worked better than a charm - superb. Now a new Dell, and, gulp, some of the reviews I have come across for that suite have put me off. Solution: leave out a maintenance suite and follow tried and true maintenace tips that are super numerous on the web, along with the odd tool like CCleaner.


Problem is, new Dell with W8.1 just 4 months out of the box with light daily use, takes up to 10 minutes after a start/restart before the hard drive spins down. Nope, no fragmented anything, no bloatware, no malware / viruses, Action System alive and Dell Daignostics says the hard drive is a happy camper.


THUS, question: What do you use or do to keep your system running as smooth and as effeciently as possbile? Iolo? Norton? A secret suite only the intitiated know of?


Do tell - let us newbies and then some know - Please and Thanks - JT

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Look, you don't need any "PC Cleaning" software to keep your PC running. What I do is just use common sense to stay away from malware, keep my programs and operating system up to date, use an antivirus as the last line of defense, and when I'm low on disk space I run Disk Cleanup, a tool built into Windows.

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I have a stock install of windows on my gaming PC

I have NEVER run windows updates

I do NOT have antivirus


The PC boots in less than 10 seconds on a SSHD

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* I never install pirated programs or any torrents and such

* I stay away from malicious websites

* I use windows defender for minimal non-intrucive security

* I make sure any .exe file is from a reputable source or website and scan it with windows defender

* I delete any unused files i may have.

* I run default windows update options


I boot into windows 8.1 in 6-7s more or less on my SSD (can't test for sure since my rig has been incapacitated by my AC)

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THUS, question: What do you use or do to keep your system running as smooth and as effeciently as possbile? Iolo? Norton? A secret suite only the intitiated know of?



There's nothing wrong with using a program to do automatic maintenance. I personally use IOLO's System Mechanic. It's done a great job for me for several years now. I like it because I leave it on the computers of my non-tech savvy family and it has dramatically reduced the time I spend doing the maintenance for them when I'm at their house. For myself, since I overclocked my gaming rig I leave their "Opticore" software turned off, but it's worked pretty well for my sister's laptop that has an E-1 APU.

If you're looking for some free tools and don't want to pay, there are some great free alternatives. Glary Utilities, iOBit Advanced System Care. I've used both of those with some good success, but again nothing has been as effective as System Mechanic. 

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