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Do your parents/family demand admin access, and if so do they deserve it?

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Thiers 4 computers in the house

they can use one of those ;)




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Not my computers, not my network, I have no say in who has admin rights or not and I couldn't care. If I'm ever told there's a problem, I send them off to my dad to avoid it.

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Eh, we each have our own PC and when I configured theirs, I just set them up as admin because I didn't want to be pestered every 5 minutes whenever they wanted to install another virus.


I wouldn't trust anyone in my family with my own computer. Or access to router config.

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My mum never uses a PC, doesn't no how windows works therefore sticks to using her phone, the same applies to my Dad

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I'm looking forward to the posts when you lot have kids and want to lock down everything on their machines.

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I deny admin access... to almost everyone...


I only give it to people I can trust...

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My pc is open for everyone in the house to use, it doesn't even have a password ,everyone can access my account and have admin access. Nobody bothers to touch it though.

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My computers no, but on my parents yes they are admins so I can use remote desktop software on my dads easier to fix things and my mom is competent enough to have it


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We don't share computers in our house. We each have our own. So everyone has admin access, but on their own machine.

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Nope, none really care... I have my brothers password to his computer though. Only for testing stuff though. Everyone in my house has their own computer, I built mine, my brother had a dell prebuilt with a different psu from the original and a GTX 650ti, he gave me the computer in return for building him his new one. (If you're wondering, his old computer is in my signature, the motherboard recently got replaced and I threw it in my old terrible case since it was better than the dell one even though both lack cable management) Then my mom has a laptop, and my dad has two laptops. He uses a old blue ROG laptop with a first gen i5 and I think GTS 360M? Then the one he doesn't use and he hasn't gone through and gotten what he wants off of it and give it to me is a old Gateway FX laptop, yes one of those orange and black ones with a C2D and a 9800M GT.


TL;DR: Everyone in my house has their own computer and they really do not care.



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I have a PC (only I use it) so nope, they don't demand it.
Well cuz they didn't pay for the computer, they didn't build it and I'm so paranoid when anyone is around it. that I bet they lost any desire to use it.

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Everyone in my family has their own computer, and everyone but my mom (she knows enough to keep herself from messing up her computer) knows how to use a computer extremely well. So my family doesn't demand admin access and I don't give it to them.


I do, however, keep my computer password protected, since I don't want my family members going through my Skype and browser while I'm out because I know they'll get into things they shouldn't.

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I was reading the Non-Techies thread and a lot of parents apparently have admin rights, when they dont deserve it. 

Do your parents demand admin rights, and do you think they deserve it.


Mine do, and i dont know why. They use outdated PCs and never use my rig. They constantly pester me for tech support for the most basic things.

I will always deny them admin access as i am the one who built and maintains the desktop. My mum has a restricted user account BTW.

I told my mom not to use my computer (i trusted her so i didn't put a password on my computer), she doesn't like chrome so she installs Firefox and manages to install the ask toolbar and some other bloatware crap. I told her that she is making everything difficult cause i has to uninstall all of it and she doesn't dare touch my computer now :)

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No, I demand admin from my parents, I have all their passwords, full control over the network and over every computer in my house including my brother's

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My parents are divorced so it's a bit different.


My dad can use my rig as much as he wants, but he is quite scared of it for a weird reason because he is scared it will die.

Not that it's fragile or something, but my rig just likes to die randomly... Always my fault! But it just happens. He prefers that i so things with it if something needs to be done with it.


My mum... well, i found out thanks to my girlfriend telling me that her mom knows what we texts because my mom read my messages behind my back, so that was terrible to find that out.

Since then everything is protected, phones have a pattern, my pc has a password, it's simple to remove but it's enough to keep my mom outside of my private stuff. She doesn't demand it or anything, but she tries to get access anyway.


Do they deserve it? Umm i don't think so? Well i have not much to hide from them but tbh there is not much they could find out when they have access soo yea...


Maybe the funniest thing is that i do have access to all their stuff... But that's just because they want at least someone to know everything if something happens to them.

I also "make that mistake" by giving everything to my gf, but after 7 years she hasn't done a single thing i don't like so until now i'm happy with that decision.



TL:DR Dad has access, mom doesn't, none of them deserve it.

I have access to everything from them because they want that.

And my gf can get access to everything from me, and vica versa.

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My dad has admin access on my PC, and he deserves it. He didn't demand it, he doesn't look at my stuff, nor does he limit my usage.

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When I was younger, my mom thought that when I had my hand on the mouse when she walked in I was trying to quickly hide something when really I was clicking away at a website before she even walked in. She also criticized me for always clearing my history to free up space on my hard drive as if that's not what I was really intending and even for using a password for my computer.

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My mom has her own PC and I don't think she'd even use her Admin priviliges. She never asked about it. Nobody uses my PC other than my girlfriend and me, but I trust her enough with it so she can use my account.

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My parents have no idea what admin access is... lol

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No, because well neither of my parents use a computer. Dad has an iPad which he barely uses. Mum used a computer at work in a limited way because there was one task she had to use it for as part of her job as a nurse.


I don't have a password on my PC, I do on my HTPC though because remote desktop is stupid. But I have it set to auto login anyway.


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Mom: "what's an admin?"

Dad: *just boots up linux and hijacks the password if he needs it*


So basically maybe and maybe.


I wouldn't trust my mom with admin right, because reasons and past experience.

My dad doesn't even need admin rights, but if he does, he'd just get them himself. bastard.


Since we all have different PCs it gets redundant :P

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They know better

See I'm a 21st century digital boy,
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I have no password to my own windows 8 account on my PC. Anyone could walk up there and screw with it and I don't care because I know I can fix it no matter what

Current Rig

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