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[Build Log] No Name Build (Semi-Unknown Parts)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello All!


This build will be slightly different to my last build/update log.

This build is more of a test to practice spray painting cases and other PC components for a future project.

Now lets get to the "backstory" of this build.

My friend recently moved and his dad had to get rid of a lot of old parts, instead of throwing them away, he gave them to me! :)

So now I have, two cases, three motherboards with cpus in them, one GPU, two power supplies, some random RAM, a Sound Card and a WiFi Card.


I have decided on which case to use (It looks similar to this one, I'll try upload a picture later) 




I want to paint this case Black, as the grey is not very appealing. 

I will spray paint it. 


One of the MotherBoards seems to have an AMD Cpu while the other two have Intel Core2 Quads. 
I have a GT220 lying around and I think the one in the other pc is an AMD HD 4750 or HD 4670.


So yeah, this project may be fun, but I am not looking forward to dusting all the PCs as there is dust everywhere.


I may be able to get an update in later with some pictures, but I am kinda busy this weekend and I am going on holiday mid this week so I will have quite a bit of packing to do :(


If any of you have any feedback or suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated if you posted them below!


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Posted · Original PosterOP

This build/spray paint practice will be put on hold as I am flying to germany at 3 am tomorrow morning :(


See you all soon!

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