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crosfire gpu or buy new

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Posted · Original PosterOP

HI. I have xfx r9 270x gpu and i want upgrade it so i was thinking about geting new gtx 970 or another r9 270x and crosfier it (if I do crossfier betwen gpu wont be so much space )

Can someone give me some tips wha to do ?

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if your mobo has crossfire support, go for it

disregard women, fold proteins.




Main (in rebuild - specs when finished) - Zenith.
R9 3900x 4.25GHz All-Core // X570 Aorus Ultra // 32GB 3200MHz // eVGA 3090FTW


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I would get a new single card....


Coming from someone running 2x 7970s considering upgrading to a single card...

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Depends on your budget, if you can only afford the R9 270X then go for it, if you can afford something more powerful then do that. Problem is the R9 270X only has 2GB of VRAM so I'd go for a more powerful card if your budget can handle it.



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I'd also go the single route if possible. Xfire us too much hassle, and I run games in a window, which neither Sli or crossfire support.

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