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Anyone here a cuber?

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I was alright at it a few years ago, I think my best was about about 37 seconds. Haven't done it in a while though.

Rig: CPU: 1x quad core potato(4.6GHz). Cooling: Iced Tea. GPU: AMD HDToaster. Motherboard: Asus "Stale Bread Extreme Edition". RAM: 2x 4GB sticks of 1600MHz celery. PSU: 650w Roborovski Hamster in wheel.  Storage: Many Floppy Disks. 

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I can solve one...












With instructions from google/youtube

<p>Wires Suck :angry:
!fY0|_|(4|\|R34[)7#!5PMM37#3(0[)3:1337 70833|\|73R3[)!|\|49!\/34\|/4Y 4|\|[)93741!f3


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i think ive solved a rubix cube once in my life.  When i first got it YEARS ago.

Corsair Obsidian 800D | Msi GD-80 z68 | Intel Core i72600k (stock speeds at the moment) | Msi Gtx 570 twin frozr III | 8GB Corsair Dominator @1600mHz | Coolermaster evo 212 temporary) | Cooled by Gelid Wings | Intel SRT smart caching | Windows 7 ultimate x64

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