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Having problems with Razer Comms

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I've been using Comms since I heard about it, and even managed to switch my group to using this over Dolby Axon.


Comms is having a wierd bug for me: every so often, it likes to continuously write to my drive. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem except that this is happening to my SSD. I have tried to move Comms to a mechanical drive but it still writes to the SSD. I have no idea what it could be doing that requires constant drive writes but it is not good.


I realize that this is BETA software and that's fine. If anyone else is having this issue, do chime in.


Specs are in my sig.

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In Europe (Germany), the servers dont actually work, timeouts every few minutes interuppting calls. Its just not usable yet. In my opinion it much feels like pre alpha. 

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