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Welcome to the Linus Tech Tips forum!

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Hope you are the real Linus (have seen some impersonators already) and you should have an admin status instead of Junior Member to instantly verify your identity.

You should start a thread where people can post bugs that they encounter (I have found some and had to write the message twice already).

I really believe that this forum will be successful because I see lots of users interacting and helping each other already.

Thank you for what you do!

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yaaaaaayyy the forum's up. buggy as hell though. we'll get through that I guess. anyways I can't wait till everything's finished.

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Great forum!! looks good!

PC SPECIFICATIONS: Intel i7 3770k Asus P877-I Deluxe, 16gb G.Skill, EVGA GeForce GTX 960 Super Clocked Gaming(4GB) , 120GB SSD Scandisk, 2tb Seagate Barracuda's(x2),Cooler Master Elite 120, Corsair Gaming Series GS700W. PERIPHERALS: Logitech G710+, Logitech  G502 Proteus Core Gaming Mouse


TABLET: Ipad Air-2 PHONE: HTC One M9 32GB..via Sprint


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Glad its finally up!

Semper Fi Mentalguy

Intel core i7 3770k, Asus Z77 Sabertooth, 16GB Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz RAM, Samsung 830 128GB Boot Drive, 2TB Western Digital Caviar Black Data Drive, Asus GTX 560 :-(, Corsair HX750 PSU, Thermaltake Chaser MK-1

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I an sooo happy about this forum! Finally a community that I can attach myself to! Thanks so much Linus, Slick and all the others behind all the great things you do!

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Hi guys! This is just my second forum that I'm joining in. First one is the Republic of Gamers forum but since I'm a big fan of Linus and I've seen people from his channel giving advice and answering questions on the comment section of his videos. I'm giving this a go! Thanks to everyone that made this forum possible esp. Slick and of course Linus!

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Thanks Linus, Slick and diesel.

This is the first forum i have ever signed up for and i have no idea how forums work, hopefully i would have a nice experience and i know linus' community is filled with lots of amazing helpful people.

Sony Vaio Pro 13 CPU:Haswell Core i5 4200U RAM: 4 GB GPU: HD4400 Storage: SSD Pci-e 128GB (Its really fast), External 1TB Seagate Expansion Drive Weight: 1.06kg (made of carbon fiber) 

Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (4.4.2 Omnirom) 

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