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Upgrade in the fall, ios or android

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I have had many ios devices and I have an upgrade in the fall and on my apple account I have spent almost $200 USD on apps, music, books etc.

in January 2014 I decided to get a galaxy tab 3 8.0 inch and I barely use it because of how un-enjoyable android is. also there are a-lot more apps for IOS (quality) 


Help me decide give me pros and cons of each side 

convince me out of an iPhone I don't want any of that AndroidMasterRace shit

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If you follow these 3 tips you should have a blast.

i'm rather proud of this for some reason. http://imgur.com/6ttS5XZ

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You can make your Android phone just like an iPhone if you really wanted. IMO Android is better because there is nothing inferior about it as long as you have the knowledge and will to modify the phones software. And for hardware, you can't really go wrong with an HTC One m8/m9, the OnePlus One. In fact there are a lot of phones with equal or superior build quality to Apple.

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SSD: Samsung 850 Pro 256GB | HDD: WD 2TB Black | Case: NZXT H440 White | PSU: EVGA 850 G2



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For more options.


And i guarantee you, there are just as many/if not more quality apps available for android as for iOS

Specs: 4790k | Asus Z-97 Pro Wifi | MX100 512GB SSD | NZXT H440 Plastidipped Black | Dark Rock 3 CPU Cooler | MSI 290x Lightning | EVGA 850 G2 | 3x Noctua Industrial NF-F12's

Bought a powermac G5, expect a mod log sometime in 2015

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TL/DR? Software there isn't much difference other than layout and some customizability... the difference is hardware prices. Just like a notebook? You pay more for the Apple name but you know you're getting a solid device. On a PC? It's an easier choice between OSX and Windows for the average user... but on smartphones? Apple & Android are pretty much on par.. it's just a matter of software customizability and choice of hardware.

So... do you use your phone for anything more than social media, texting or calls? If not? It doesn't matter... but if you don't want to spend an arm and a leg off-contract? Android devices are definitely more cost-effective.

When it comes to game releases? Usually Android takes a little longer. For example, World of Tanks Blitz released in North America on iOS only in June 2014 and saw its official release on Android in December 2014. That's pretty much the only difference between Android and iOS when it comes to games. There's still a rare few big titles that only release on one platform. Usually both get them... but of course that only matters if you're into higher-end games that tend to use 3D models instead of 2D art.

Although it took iOS longer to implement native bluetooth gamepad support? It is superior to Android's implementation... which is "make your own drivers and good luck" which is what iOS's iCade suffered from originally... so it would be sweet if Android has a better universal implementation of gamepads (or HID's in general)... once again, only matters if you're into gamepads on your mobile devices.

On the flip-side? When it comes to more cutting edge stuff like Virtual Reality? Android seems to be at the forefront of that. A prime example is the lovely CMoar Virtual Cinema. She's seen several builds release on Android (version 4.0 just released with dynamic lighting and LAN streaming support which are both awesome) yet a single build for iOS has yet to be seen... but just like my last two points? Only matters if you're into that stuff.

So software-wise? Both have their pros and cons for software... the only thing on the software-side that's different? Layout. iOS? You're stuck with the layout that Apple gives you. You can change your wallpapers and tones but that's about it unless you attempt a jailbreak (if it's even available to your phone and iOS version which seems to be getting rare as Apple is VERY adamant on locking down their devices)... and that's where the major difference is. Most of the stuff you want to do on iOS doesn't require a jailbreak/root on Android. The only reason to root on Android is for programs that do perfect one-to-one backups of your device like Titanium Backup.

Otherwise on Android? If you want to change your ROM? Yeah you need to unlock your bootloader which is hit-or-miss depending on the device and especially the manufacturer (stay away from newer Samsung devices if you enjoy custom ROMs lol). But? then you have to freedom to install whatever you want... heck! Depending on the device and manufacturer? One day you might be lucky enough to even tinker with Windows OS on your phone hehe (right now limited to the Xaiomi Mi4 and Meizu MX4).

So now we talk about the major differences between Android and Apple... which is hardware. Apple tends to pick lower end hardware with efficient instructions per clock and a optimized 3D API (Apple's Metal) to be able to deliver flagship performance without the price hike... well, that's at least the goal of it... but Apple does crank up the price in order to optimize their profits which is a known fact. So yes, compared to other flagship devices? You do pay more... but you get a solid experience. Same can be said about Apple's MacBooks which I detest due to price inflation compared to similarly priced Windows notebooks but I digress..

Android devices tend to have a less inflated price point. People say "oh the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge costs more than the Apple iPhone" and that is true... but you're getting a more premium device. The flashy and gimmicky edge... but you get the BEST camera on any smartphone whether you use manual or auto modes, a faster device with faster storage capabilities and a proper LED for notifications and no I'm not talking about the stupid "oh we'll turn on the camera's flash LED". I ALWAYS place my phone with the screen facing upwards. It's pretty much a requirement for Android devices to have an LED notification light on the front and most are color customizable depending on the status. I'd rather have a dedicated LED that will blink a certain color depending on the app (sms text or fb messenger for example) than my camera's LED light which doesn't really show... but now I digress. Maybe you're not even into notification LED's but I am lol. :P

I should really put a TLDR on the top of my post... yeah I'll do that meow. ;)

I turn 30 next month... maybe I'm getting old and am getting into that phase in life where I just ramble on.. I know my bones ache all the time haha so that's kicking in too...


My PC Build: https://pcpartpicker.com/b/sNPscf

My Android Phone: Exodus Android on my OnePlus One 64bit in Sandstone Black in a Ringke Fusion clear & slim protective case

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