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turbo pascal

Using Logitech pedals as a standalone controller?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi folks,


I did a quick google and a forum search, didn't find anything about this topic so I feel compelled to start a discussion here.


I've basically had two ideas for this kind of thing lying around in the back of my head.

One is that back in the day I sometimes fired up an amateur-made tram simulator, which (oddly enough) didn't support keybinds to all the different controls, so I was left with clicking things with my mouse, and it felt particularly inconvenient when I had to turn the camera to reach the pedals down on the floor. So I thought, it would be cool to be able to control those using real pedals, but without having to plug in the wheel. I never made it happen unfortunately.

Then recently, PC footboards caught my attention. They're useful for many different things, including - one that's particularly interesting for me - giving the user an additional interface for frequently used keybinds, such as voice comms, weapon dropping etc. in FPS games. But I don't really like the idea of spending a bunch of cash on something that I may potentially already own.


I'm talking about the pedals bundled with the Logitech Driving Force GT. I'm curious if they can be plugged directly into a PC, because they seem to have a standard RS232 connector with 2 pins missing, and if so - is there some kind of software that can make them work as a standalone game controller? Or perhaps Windows 7 can recognize them on its own? I imagine Logitech Profiler won't be of much help in this regard. What are your thoughts, guys? Have you had any experience with this kind of experiments?


I'm asking mostly because my motherboard doesn't have an RS232 port in the rear I/O, so I would have to go get an additional bracket for it (otherwise I'd probably just go for it, because well, yolo), and also because I'd like to know what to expect and what to consider when tinkering with it.

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If you want to use those pedals, you will need the circuit board fromt the dfgt, so the pc recognizes the pedals. (A mate of mine is playing LFS with a mouse and pedals from dfgt)

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