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Project Size Isn't Everything: a mini ITX Watercooled Build

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I recently sold my old build, and am planning out a new one. Because of the two twenty seven inch monitors on my desk, I have very limited space, and would like to do a mini ITX build in a CaseLabs Mercury s3 (with a pedestal) unless they make a pedestal for the Nova XM2. As of now (with bold indicating parts that have already been purchased), my part list is:


CPU: Intel Core i7 4770k (picked it up from a friend for $150) 

Motherboard: Asus Maximus VI Impact (Newegg had an open box for $120, so I jumped on it) 

RAM: 8gb G.Skill Sniper 2400 mHz DDR3 (was on sale for $52) 

Case: CaseLabs Mercury S3 with Pedestal

PSU: OCZ 1000w Fully Modular PSU (will find sleeved cables later, purchased from the same friend for $70)

Drives: (2x) Samsung 840 Pro 128gb

GPU: Undecided- not sure if I want to keep my 3gb 780 or sell it and get a 6gb edition or titan


I plan on doing a loop with PETG tubing and two reservoirs, as well as two radiators in the pedestal. Everything, including the motherboard, RAM, CPU, and GPU will be water-cooled with nickel EK waterblocks. As far as colors go, I am thinking a black (don't feel like paying $20 for gunmetal) case with either red or blue coolant.

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it's funny i always say 'size isn't everything man' every time i stand naked in front of a mirror.. wait what uuh..

Caselabs are the best freaking cases :) ! but the s3 and especially with a pedestal.. not small i tell ya :)

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