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Laptop hangs while gaming then recovers

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have a laptop and my specs are CPU: Intel core i5-4200m @2.5ghz, Integrated graphics Intel hd 4600 as well as nvidia 750m with 4gb of vram. 

Windows 8.1

I guess the best way to describe this issue is when i play any type of game demanding or not, on power saver or high performance first I will hear audio popping usually followed by a hang for like 10-20 seconds. When i tab out usually i look at my task manager and the only alarming thing i see is my cpu flat lines when it happens. I would appreciate help with this if possible, i will link a pic to what my task manager looks like after an occurrence. I have tried this on a 90 watt and 120 watt charger... didn't make a difference though because it also happens on battery power. My friend has a laptop similar to mine in that we have the same graphics card but, his laptop came with a 170 watt charger and this doesn't occur with him? idk just extra info at this point.
I am new to the forums as i was recommended to this site by a friend, I'm open to any suggestions. Once again thank you!!

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