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Galaxy S6 owner finds bloated battery out of box

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One Samsung customer in Korea found their Galaxy S6 looking a bit more bloated than usual. Upon opening the box, the customer noticed that the entire battery had expanded, blowing off the back panel of the smartphone and ruining the display at the same time. PhoneArena said the customer was able to get the device replaced without issue, but it seems like a potentially dangerous situation.


Source: http://www.technobuffalo.com/2015/05/08/galaxy-s6-owner-finds-bloated-battery-out-of-box/



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Holy balls! How did that even happen?

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Every. Single. Phone. Will. Have. This. Unless we change the battery technology. Completely nothing to even talk about.

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This can happen to any Lithium Ion Battery, I don't see why everytime it happens (which is rather rare) there is this huge fuzz about it. Srsly.

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They are selling Millions of these phones. So every time there will be one or two guys, who get a Phone with a broken battery.

As long as there are not hundred of reports, I don't think it is a dangerous situation.

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