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980 evga FTW

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Not that I'm aware of, you get the full 4GB of vram so that's better than the 970.

An AMD cpu has no place in a solely gaming build, end of.

I3 4150, Intel HD graphics, corsair CX750M, 4gb ram, Asus H81M-E, corsair 230T, Intel stock cooler WD Green 2TB Gigabyte 550TI

Why you shouldn't trust Gpu or Cpu boss Click on this I dare you!

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Posted · Original PosterOP

That I know thats why im getting the 980 and not 970 they fucked up big time for me with that

Ive seen videos of the card having coilwhine

Now i want to know if it has a proformance hit or not

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I have two EVGA 2986 FTW  980's and LOVE them .  

I upgraded from two MSI 580 lightnings and it was a massive improvement . I have only gotten coil-whine during 3D mark benchmark , no coil-whine on valley , a little on load screens for games when the FPS go's above my refresh rate.

 Hope that helps you out :) 

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