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WWE 2K15 can be modded, confirms 2K rep

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With the PC version of former console exclusive WWE 2K15 out in the wild, it looks like modding support has been confirmed. That's according to 2K Games representative Marcus Stephenson, who passed the info on to a curious Twitter user (via Destructoid). While it's unlikely 2K Games will offer bespoke modding tools for WWE, it does mean modders have the publisher's blessing, nay invitation, to crack the game open. Once they do we'll almost certainly get a playable Gabe Newell. It's inevitable.



Source: http://www.pcgamer.com/wwe-2k15-can-be-modded-confirms-2k-rep/



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Beating up gaben blasphemy /s everyone on the Internet thinks he's the devil now so they can take their anger out on him perhaps? It would be quite ironic if the gaben mod was behind a paywall...

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INB4 Naked mods

Nvidia is to Dr Dre Beets as AMD is to KFC.

One makes you broke, the other you can get more of and have a midnight snack from the fridge when hungry again. Once you go Nvidia, you go broked, turn into an Elitist, or get the incorrect amount of VRAM.


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Mods are needed to actually make this a decent game.

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Just give me Mafia III dammit.


Hell yes. Mafia series needs a sequel.

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