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Integrated M.2 vs PCIe M.2?

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Posted · Original PosterOP


I've got a question about M.2's 

Basically, which is faster. an integrated M.2 or a PCIe.


For example you are using a Samsung XP941 xGB M.2 NGFF PCIe in a M.2 port that supports 10 Gb/s

and you have one that is in a PCIe M.2 Mount(?I am not so sure if that is how it works?). which would be faster? 


Please I personally have no idea what the difference is so please enlighten me. make me smarter! I believe in you guys! 


what does the PCIe do? does it do more than a normal integrated M.2 port? 

Easily said, I am pretty confused.  


I have the motherboard z97 Pro  so I am just wondering how I would benefit from a PCIe M.2, or if the integrated M.2 is just as good. (or even better) 


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Given the same PCIe revision and lanes, a PCIe M.2 drive should perform identically whether mounted in a M.2 slot on the motherboard or in a M.2 to PCIe card adapter. As a note though, it's still very early days for M.2 so there may be some slight differences in performance between different motherboards and adapters.

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