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Hemlis the secure messaging app project is dead

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hemlis the secure messaging app that was started as a crowdfunded project by the Pirate Bay co-founder, Peter Sunde, will be cancelled.






Lately we have been awfully quiet. The reasons are many, sad and non important right now.They have though made this project drag along and that made us understand a thing we feared for quite a while but neglected to accept. New messengers fails miserably. While we have been working with Hemlis has several new and old messenger been released and updated. None has yet though even managed to make even a small scratch in the surface of the big. They have just grown bigger.


Releasing something that too few people will use, creates a product that can’t live without external capital. A road we are not willing to go.


The statement also includes Peter Sunde`s thoughts that you can find here



They stated that one of the reasons that they will pull the plug is that this app will not have enough support. I disagree. The crowdfunded project had a massive success



We were thinking we might get about 50.000 USD in a few months. In about 48 hours we had three times that money


The desire for this app was there, I think Peter Sunde`s involvement in this project gave it the stamp of approval and also the trust needed in an app like this.

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should i feel bad, never heard of it.

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Listen if you care.

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I put $10 in to that, oh well these things happen.

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It's like Tox all over again lol, a great big moneypot

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