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Monoprice 8323 "Hi-fi" dj Style headphones

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I apologize for the phone pics in advance.

I tried to get the best I could.




Build Quality

This is the cheapest full size headphones I still own, and it shows.

It's very light weight, very cheap feeling but at $20 it's to be expected

The earpads are more plasticy than leathery and are a little smaller than I like.

srh840 pads can fit loosely and they fix any comfort issues I've had, but they double the cost of the headphone, so not recommended unless you have an extra pair of pads just laying around.




The headband has 3 thin pillows that are pretty soft.

I usually have issues with the the ear pads being too small before I have headband problems.




The headphones fold up for travel and the ear cups turn 90 degrees for wearing around the neck or they can flip outwards for whatever reason headphones do that.



The hinges feel weak and loose, I haven't used them a whole lot over the 2-3 years I've owned them but I haven't run into any breaks or cracks yet despite feeling so cheap.




Sound Quality

Here are the Innerfidelity graphs.



For those that care I'm using an iBasso D4 and M^3 for review.


The detail overall isn't the absolute best but you can't expect perfection on $20, it just won't happen.


The bass is fairly strong, a little more than I prefer, but not overbearing or anything to strongly complain about.


There is some weird vocals, I can't put my finger on it but it sounds like there's a weird dip in the response.

it kind of bugs me. it's just not as linear as I like. I prefer the koss porta pros for vocals as the response seem more linear(not to be confused with neutral, koss porta pros have a pretty steep slope downward on a frequency graph)


Treble is not nearly as detailed as I like or as pronounced.

I like sparkly highs and these just don't seem to do them justice.




Final Thoughts

For ~$20 it's hard to complain, but due to the weird sounding vocals, I'd push for the koss porta pros if your budget allows. They seem to provide a smoother more linear sound than the monoprice.


They are sealed back, so if you have a nice pair of open headphones for home use, they might be a good option if you want something for portable/travel use that isn't a big deal if they get broken or lost.



Will work for electronic components and parts

Reviews: Meelec CC51P - Monoprice 8323 - Koss Porta Pros  - Shure SRH-440 - Shure SRH-550DJShure SRH-840 - Hifiman He-500 - iBasso D4 - o2 Amplifier  -  SkeletonDac

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Um, What @h264

yeah, nevermind. I was just wondering if Monoprice was an OEM for a similar looking headphone as well, but I forgot what that similar headphone was again. It'll come back to me.


thanks, head-fi. You notice all the headphones. Same headband, different cups.

"Pardon my French but this is just about the most ignorant blanket statement I've ever read. And though this is the internet, I'm not even exaggerating."



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yeah, nevermind. I was just wondering if Monoprice was an OEM for a similar looking headphone as well, but I forgot what that similar headphone was again. It'll come back to me.



Kicker has a pair that is the exact same btw.

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A lot of buzz about these headphones on the internet.

Seem good to me !

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