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Amazon [Kindle] - Game of Thrones Telltale Games Ep.1 Free, discount on episodes after

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The projects never end in my line of work.

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You should probably write ep. 1 somewhere in the title.

Avoid click bait titles in the future, a lot of people get angry about it.

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I thought all the tell tale games first episodes were free. I've given up on telltales' games they just seem like my choices have little to no change on the story. 

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Seems to be an app

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Free is free, and when that something that is free is related to Game of Thrones it makes it an even better "free"!


Thanks for sharing! :D

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I'm really confused as to what this actually is..


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Kindle app. 


OP, please. At least do us a favor and have [Kindle] in the title. 


Nice b8 m8. 

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Thanks for letting me know about this, I got this on my Nvidia shield tablet and it works great!

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PirateMasterRace :D

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