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I dont care, its elitist af

"God created war so that Americans would learn geography"

"How are we going to stop school shootings?" "More guns!"

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Dual 780 classys with waterblocks + backplates incoming my way :D


dont ask how much this cost me .... it was alot 

Please quote me or tag me if your trying to talk to me , I might see it through all my other notifications ^_^

the current list of dead cards is as follows 2 evga gtx 980ti acx 2.0 , 1 evga gtx 980 acx 2.0 1600mhz core 2100mhz ram golden chip card ... failed hardcore , 1 290x that caught fire , 1 hd 7950 .

may you all rest in peaces in the giant pc in the sky

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Now the real question for me, is do I want a third 970? Probably not. The Italicized name seems so cool though.. You know you spend too much money just to get your name italicized in a post and to make your build look cooler... 

CPU: i7 5820K Motherboard: GIGABYTE G1 Gaming 5P RAM: 16Gb DDR4 - Corsair GPU(s): EVGA GTX 1080Ti Case: NZXT H440 - Doing Case Mods Soon Storage: 4x 250gb SSD + 2TB HDD PSU: Corsair RM850x with CableMod Displays: 1 x Asus ROG Swift And 3 x 24" 1080p Cooling: H100i Keyboard: Corsair K70 RGB Mouse: Corsair M65 RGB Sound: AKG 553 Operating System: Windows 10


Current PC: 

http://i.imgur.com/ubYSO3f.jpg          http://i.imgur.com/xhpDcqd.jpg

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