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4k monitor?

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not the same one


Ah, I see that now, I did not know the P2815Q had a successor. This monitor is pretty solid for that price, and my gosh it even has IPS! I would get that unless you wanted a bigger 4k monitor, which in that case I would get an Acer b2h6hk I think it's called. It's about the same price as well.


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A user here got this monitor. He got it directly from Dell in the case he needs to return it if he is not happy with (from his region, Dell has free returns. They e-mail his a pre-paid shipping label to print and stick with transparent tape over the old one)

Anyway, he is happy with his purchase. What is cool with this monitor is that you can game at 1080p and it appear the same as using a 1080p monitor of the same size (near identical to be exact. If you compare with text you can see a bit, but the interpolation circuit of the monitor is excellent). Current reviews also shows that the monitor is very good. Colors are great as well due to the sRGB color profile which is manufacture calibrated and ready to be selected on the monitor on screen menu, once the monitor is installed.

If I had money, I would buy this one. The idea of course, is that you increase Windows DPI of course, as 4K on a 24inch is kinda small, unless you have good eyes. So test your software for high-DPI support. Keep in mind that in the properties of each executable in Windows, you can tell it to not apply high-DPI settings to it if it appears broken or too blurry for your liking on a unsupported program.

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I wish it had Gsync :(

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I wouldn't. 24" is too small, imo, for a 4K monitor to be enjoyable. While the difference between no AA and 2x MSAA might be truly indistinguishable (I find 28" to be slightly below retina, but not by enough for me to necessarily care if I don't get AA) 28" is big enough that I can comfortably read the text in any third party application that does not support display scaling at all (such as Steam and Origin. They're the only two, but if you use in-game chat on either of these you're going to want to be able to read the tiny-tiny text)

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