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searching for gallery management tool

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi guys,


need some help in searching for a tool that suits best my needs.

At the moment I have a larger than usual picture and video collection that is now kind of a mess.

Most important, the program has to give me some kind of tagging mechanism on different levels or in categories, hard to describe:

I hope this example will show what I mean:

Category:    Location     Date     Content

Tags:           here           jan         something

                    there          2012      else

It should give me the ability to just select already added tags to new files/folders in their respective category, e.g. I don't want to have 2012 in a tag selection in the category content.


it doesnt have to give me a view of the files, primarily it has to give me the ability to find stuff faster.

Also it does not have to support just images, it can support any filetype as long it is customizable.


As of now I'm working with around 250-350k pictures in about 8k folders and around 2k videos in 150 folders.

Those folders are already somewhat sorted and organized, but some files cross categories and I don't want to have 30 duplicates of one file.


I already searched the web, but didn't find something suitable to my needs.

It would be nice if someone could suggest something that could help me do my stuff, it would be much appreciated.

If it is even a tool for free, would be great.


thanks already in advance.

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I use Zoner but i don't know if its what you are looking for. Also Adobe has some that I can't remember.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

sorry for the late response, going to look into those suggestions, thanks a lot for the moment.

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Lightroom has very powerful photo library tools.

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