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When will SSDs become more reasonable than HDDs?

3-4 years

I don't support the purchase of even cheap ssds. I've tried two ssds and felt no difference than when I was using an HDD

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Depending on application, SSDs are in some cases already more reasonable the HDDs. I have 2 SSDs and no HDD, I use my computer for light gaming and heavy modelling and program development. For me, and SSD for is invaluable especially in modelling. The instant start up of 3DS or Maya is great (I model in 3DS and rig/animate in Maya. This means I switch between both frequently)


The capacity isn't too big of a deal in my case, as I have a server with like ~14TB of storage on it for backing up to. As for SSDs being more suitable in this scenario, I'd go with ~2 years. That server will probably be running SSDs in two years time.

However it takes time for migration of data, so the swap to SSDs will not be instant. For example most data centers renew hardware every 3 years (they actually lease the hardware on normally a 3 year term), so for them they can have up to 3 years of using HDDs until they swap to SSDs from the point were SSDs are better in all ways. This means that although we are getting close to SSDs being completely superior, the widespread adoption will lag behind.

It really helps with the bootup of solidworks and just loading my files!!  If you don't know solidworks is a CAD program 

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Really?  I am pretty excited now, although that makes sense because I MIGHT have heard something about an american company putting 3tb of storage onto a stick of gum....

Finally! Innovation from 'murica! 


Note: I am from america.

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With my Half full HDD it takes 15 secs to start up, and another 30 for windows to be snappy and the HDD to calm down off 100%. 

SSD takes 2 secs to start up and 10 secs to go to 0% usage. 


I would say 8-9 years for the HDD to be useless. 

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I read an article about a month ago that said by 2016 consumer SSD's will match spinning disks price per gig.. I believe it. 


If this is true, then good news for me since I'll be building my PC next year summer :D either way, it'll still get cheap by next year so that's good enough for me but SSDs matching HDDs price per gig is demn good news.

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