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[UK only - Amazon,Currys,Microsoft store] Preorder your Microsoft Band now!

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Wohoo! Finally it's here! (almost).. No more trawling the ebay for it. The introductory price is £169.99. The availability date will be on 15th April 2014


You can preorder yours from these stores:




Microsoft Store


If you preorder from Microsoft Store, you'll get free screen protector.


I'm so excited. :D  



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**** these useless watches.  I would rather drink my own urine than spend money on one.

Too many ****ing games!  Back log 4 life! :S

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Posted · Original PosterOP



Ill stick with my Pebble...


I haven't heard a word about this.


Sadly the Pebble doesn't support WP. I'd consider the Pebble too if it wasn't for that. The fitbit also has my attention but the strap isn't that nice looking imo.


How is this a deal?


Maybe because you don't have to buy it from some dodgy sellers? The cheapest I can find one on Ebay is £210 w/o shipping. So I think this is a deal.

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Smartwaches are useless for general public unless u are a busy person. IMHO.

The fact I have never heard of this until now tells me its either shit or poorly advertised :)

£170 is insanely overpriced for what it is.

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