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2 LAN Networks 1 Computer Possible?

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So I am planning on getting a Home Media PC I have 2 routers my first one is from Verizon (54 mbps too slow for me) and another is an Cisco E1200. I have 6 computers in my house. 4 of them are Laptops which are decently old. They DO NOT work on Wireless-N 2 of them are so old I can't upgrade the WiFi card 1 of them is upgrade able to Wireless N. Now I don't see at any point in the future my dad getting a new laptop (he uses the 2 ridiculously old laptops) anytime soon. So is it possible to have one computer connected to 2 networks, or should I just make my dad get a second hand laptop that is compatible with Wireless N and upgrade the WiFi card on the other laptop.


Also my sister's iPhone 4S doesn't work with the router (E1200), however my dad's iPhone works fine. Apparently when she is in her room she has the worst connection ever. My dad is across the hall and is further away and connects fine. Could it just be defective?

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Your sister could just be connecting to the wrong AP. One router should just be acting as an access point where the other is doing all the work, DHCP etc. Not sure why they have to be on separate LANs as such.

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get a PC....

install a network load balancer or something like

then connect both internet connections to it

install wireless cards of the kinds that you need

create the wireless networks and share the internet on them


(( i am about to drop into a deep sleep and thats the only thing i can think of lol))

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You have connected your Cisco to the verizon via Ciscos WAN-port? That means the Cisco router will perform NAT and create a separate LAN. You could Connect it to the verizon via a regular LAN-port and now it won't perform NAT but continue to handle out DHCP-address leases. So you want to disable that in the Cisco router and also set an IP of it in the same Subnet as the verizon, but not overlapping (so that you will be able to easy administrate it). Now the Cisco serves as an accesspoint+switch. I haven't checked the manual but sometimes you can convert the WAN-port to a LAN-port or convert the whole router to an Accesspoint + switch via a quick setting.


Your issues doesn't need to be because of N-networking but could be the encryption WPA2. Sometimes if it uses a higher channel over 11 or something. Also make sure your routers/AP uses the same channel for wifi as that will degrade performance.

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