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need help creating a bridge/repeater

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so, recently switched to a new Internet provider and the new package comes with TV, in order to get the most out of the TV(in the loungeroom) it needs to be connected via ethernet cable to the router however i also need to connect my computer and rather than either having a very long cable or using wireless i'd prefer the router next to my computer, i keep reading about bridges or repeaters and things however im literally at the point of smashing my face repeatedly into my table, im either a complete idiot or it is amazingly difficult to do something which sounds amazingly simple.


so, as if you were talking to a complete idiot; can i have the router in my room and a second one in the lounge to pick up the wifi and allow me to plug a cable from it to the tv box?

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With wifi repeaters you really need to have them connected via ethernet cable. Try running it under the floor/carpet or just generally out of the way.

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get a power line adapter. it transmit internet through your electrical wires at 200 or 500 mbs

You can then get an ethernet cable out at the end, there are some models that also act as an access point.


If you have a useless router it is possible to configure it as an access point for your other router but it will still require a cable between them. (I could explain how to if you want)


If you want a reapeter, buy a product labelled as a repeater because it is relatively hard to transform a normal router into one.

(It involves custom firmware flashing (dd wrt and the like) that I wouldn t recommend you to do)


bottom line, the easiest thign to do is to buy a powerline kit

for example this:


it take no config at all and all you need to do is plug 2 wires and 2 adapters.

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